Who is Paco Ventura

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Paco Ventura
This Spanish sculptor keeps intact his passion for nature. Since his childhood he has been interested in the animal world, and always tried to discover the wonder that lay behind the flight of a bird, behind the birth of a butterfly, behind each mystery that the Earth could offer.

Today just like then, Paco Ventura keeps on being surprised and learning from the world around him.

His skill in drawing and his great capacity for spatial vision, led him to experiment in creating animal sculptures , he combined his passion with his skills and the result was amazing. He manages to capture in each of his sculptures the very essence of the species he reproduces, with such a degree of realism that his works often are confused with naturalized figures ( taxidermy ).

In love with the natural world, seasoned ornithologist, patient observer, meticulous with his work , insatiable desire for learning, but above all honest with himself and his work.



What they say about my work

Luis Miguel Dominguez

naturalist and director of television shows about nature, president of the Wildlife Docs Avatar producer and vice president of the Association of Producers of Natural History Documentary (ADHN) , member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts Television and co – director of uRBAN TV (International television Festival on urban ecology) of the Lit House (Madrid). Currently involved in some emissions program Four , Fourth Millennium , led by Iker Jiménez.


Only recently I have opened a path of disclosure in the networks of the hand of a Platypus made ​​by Paco Ventura. I received a lot of criticism and an insult because the staff thought it was either a living or a stuffed platypus. I laughed quietly and checked again the great trick of this tireless artist. Paco is a person who knows the nature and its creatures and therefore his execution is perfect. Besides, his work is to the release for multiple of his exposures crown centers and nature interpretation, thus the work of Ventura is pure defense of nature and not just a mere artistic fact. From here on I just want justice for this great friend. Should his work be recognized publicly since from all angles you would observe it youwill see only success and beauty.

Gerardo Báguena

President of the Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture

Gerardo BáguenaWith Paco Ventura we are in good hands …

 One needs two virtues to be able to work on the interpretation and recreation of natural forms, wildlife moving , interacting , perched or flying, in the combination of movement and detail, the naturalness and vividness we all seek when we look at a replica of an organism alive , two virtues , humility and knowledge Paco Ventura owns and increasingly demonstrates by his hands passing a vulture, snakes , foxes or small birds at the whim of the customer… simple and efficient solutions based on knowledge and concern as a naturalist outstanding patient observer of what is happening and creator of delicate figures …


Roberto Hartasánchez

President of FAPAS ( Fundation for the protection of wild animals)

Roberto Hartasanchez 2In an age where technology has made almost all of us some artists, simply by buying a good camera and taking a good photograph, there still stands an old-fashioned naturalist , who looks and then moved . He, who is able to use his hands and ingenuity to turn a few simple materials into true art.

When I met Paco in his study of Tarazona and see those imitations of vulture feathers handmade one by one, I knew I had just known the character that would allow us to bring nature into the classroom of a school, beyond the great photos I pulled out from my camera to Nikon.

No wonder he received a visit from SEPRONA to check if he had the proper permits to have that many stuffed bugs, stuffed?… but if they are in paper pulp, resin,… they are not real.

As they are not real, genuine, legitimate wildlife replicas made with the artist’s hands. Even today we checked daily in the FAPAS, when people visit the bar of our Nature Classroom in Oviedo. Upon entering a Griffon magnificent vulture waves from the roof to the customer, and one is surprised and says, “look, a stuffed vulture”… Carlos, the waiter FAPAS smiles and silent, “another has taken the bait”… Paco , you’re a genius