He develops his work since 2000, this supports him as one of the best sculptors of nature in Spain, as he has made more than 2000 reproductions of animals. He conceptualizes each piece of work unique so that he makes their pieces are unique. From the outset he rules out the possibility of using molds, as his creations do not support mass production.


milano real N paco ventura Milvus milvus Red kite wildlife sculpture


lince paco ventura Lynx pardinus Iberian lynx wildlife sculpture


salamandra paco ventura Salamandra salamandra European Fire Salamanders wildlife sculpture

Reptiles and amphibians

mariposa paco ventura Papilio machaon Graellsia isabelae Old World Swallowtail Spanish Moon Moth wildlife sculptureInvertebrates

lucio paco ventura Esox lucius Northern pike wildlife sculpture


cabrero ibero paco ventura Iberian goatherd wildlife sculpture

Human figure