Methodology and values

simple materials, surprising results

Each work is unique, and my goal is always to do it as objectively as possible, giving it the character that the animal has demonstrated with his behavior in the study period of the species.


Creation process

dibujos y piezasThe process of carrying out the works varies slightly depending on the customer’s needs, as the sculptures can be made ​​to place inside or outside.

Generally the process begins with a thorough study of the species, direct observation whenever possible, and biometrics image search on the Internet and research in the files that I have collected over time.

The second step is the realization of a sketch of the life-size sculpture, with exact measurements and parts breakdown, continued with the completion of volume porespan later I use masking tape to apply the coating. It will be different if the sculpture will be located inside or outside and depending on whether mammal, reptile, bird, or other animal , making the coating geotextile to mimic feathers , epoxy resin or pulp to mimic hair and elastic putty in the case of reptiles.




The most delicate parts are reinforced with aluminum, coated with epoxy putty, and in the case of the birds do the claws with elastic filler. It is a different process and with a previous review for each type of animal in order to achieve the highest realism possible.

The last step is the painting of the piece, for which we must try to imitate perfectly the characteristics of the animal. This is achieved by giving depth to the colors and working from inside to outside of the coat in the case of mammals. The painting process requires several subsequent reviews which will refine the finish.



The materials I use are durable in time, easy to clean and some of them recycled.

  • Porespan Overhangs of those used in construction ( to make the volume)
  • Extruded polystyrene plates is a thermal insulator (also for volume )
  • I try to recycle wires ( bug assemble the structure and make legs)
  • Aluminum plates ( for the structure of the wings of birds in flight )
  • I try to recycle wood ( for the structures of the legs of mammals )
  • Manta filter hood ( bird feathers )
  • Geotextile ( bird feathers )
  • Crystal Eyes
  • Pulp (coatings of some mammals)
  • Two-component epoxy resin (coating of parts of birds and mammals)
  • Elastic Putty (invented by myself, claws of birds of prey)
  • Paint relief (small birds feet)
  • Paints of different types (for finishing)
  • Adhesives of different types (for assembly of parts)